Charlene Maher, President and CEO of Blue Cross of Idaho and Ralph Woodard, Chairman of the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health issued the following statement.

“Our nation is facing a sobering time as we see demonstrations and protests in cities and towns across the country in an outcry against racial injustice. We were proud to see thousands of Idahoans come together recently in peaceful vigils across the state to stand up for what is right and to find strength alongside one another. Our country is at a pivotal, challenging moment in its history.

“We are committed to continue to support our communities with access to quality healthcare, which also includes addressing health disparities and improving rural healthcare. This is what Blue Cross of Idaho has always stood for, creating sustainable changes that promote health and access to quality healthcare.

“Through the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, we will continue to invest in Idaho to end preventable differences in health, social and economic well-being. The Foundation has committed $100,000 over the next year to invest in health inequities and social determinants of health.

“This has been an eye-opening, emotional, and painful moment for many. We are keenly aware we don’t have all of the answers to inequality and racism questions now at the top of public consciousness. But as we continue to support Idahoans and our customers, we are listening with a focus on learning, including where our mission-driven focus can help make a difference in making healthcare and our communities more inclusive.”