Community Transformation Grants

Change That Lasts For Generations

Community Transformation Grants are designed to do just that — transform communities. These multiyear grants provide research, data, technical assistance and funding for policies, programs and projects that improve the health of a community.

Community Transformation Grants (CTG) are unique. They use a three-phase collaborative process that is driven by community leaders who are motivated to build healthier communities.

  • Year 1

    Start the conversation.

    Every Grant begins with a team of community leaders coming together with the goal of building a healthier community. An analysis of resources, challenges and opportunities and a team of national experts help create a team of community health champions.

  • Year 2

    Establish an action plan.

    Community leaders, armed with knowledge and research done in the first year, develop a plan for the grant. They form partnerships with community organizations and look for opportunities to leverage current and new resources to build a healthier community.

  • Year 3

    Execute the plan.

    During this stage, the Grant team focuses on bringing the plan to life. Most of the policies, programs and projects are completed in the final year of the grant. While the grant officially ends at this point, the goal is the work (and it’s impact) will last well beyond the grant funding.

What They’re Saying

  • It spurred excitement in our community. I can honestly say our community is a better place because of this program.

    Joe StearMayor, City of Kuna
  • This grant gave us the opportunity to accomplish some projects that were just ideas and dreams. The transformation of our parks, playgrounds, community gardens and skatepark are visual reminders of what is possible and what can be done with partnerships and some work.

    Antonio SmithMayor, City of Lapwai
  • We have made changes that were otherwise impossible to do on our own.

    Kiri BrownCity of Lapwai
  • I do see how it really changes the thinking and mindset of the community. I think it did for the city staff and the other organizations who were involved, too.

    David SimsFormer Mayor, City of Bonners Ferry

See the Community Transformation Grant Impact

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