Education and health are closely linked. The Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health knows that education, particularly schools, play a vital role in building a healthier Idaho.

A Better Way

Children spend significant time at school, making these institutions ideal partners in the Foundation’s efforts to create healthy communities across Idaho.

We are committed to working with schools and school districts to collaborate on ways to improve the health of our future leaders. We help remove barriers to education and address the root causes that impact health by collaborating with schools, communities and organizations.

Our Initiatives

Healthy Minds Partnership

We collaborate with schools and behavioral health providers to bring school-located behavioral health services to students in need.

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We remove financial barriers to higher education for Idaho’s youth through various scholarship programs at Idaho’s universities.

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Community Schools

We mobilize schools and community partners to address root causes of health issues.

Early Education

We partner with communities to create, expand, or improve access to quality childcare and early education opportunities.