Communities play a vital role in promoting health and improving health outcomes. As part of the grant process, the four grant communities conducted a community assessment to review strengths & opportunities. They then mobilized community partners — from hospitals and nonprofits to government agencies and local business leaders — to co-create an action plan to increase physical activity and improve access to healthy foods for their communities’ youth.


This program is a clear example of how Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health is more than a transactional funder. We actively helped the communities build partnerships and became a partner ourselves. This approach co-aligned a broad set of resources, including additional funding, to fight childhood obesity and promote healthy communities.


The Community Transformation Grant served as a catalyst for sustainable transformation and fostering new thinking. By encouraging and cultivating collaboration, the grants helped community members think bigger, creating larger and longer-lasting impacts.

Community Transformation Grants served as seed funding for:

2 skateparks

  • 2 playgrounds
  • 3 walking tracks
  • And much more

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