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We spoke with Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd to learn how she tackled the Mayor’s School Walking Challenge and what it meant to her.

Mayor DeWeerd: They make me feel like a rock star. I went to River Valley Elementary and they gave me a tiara and a sash, and they always have “Welcome Mayor Tammy” on their frontside.

I have 15 schools that are participating, and my commitment is to go out and walk with them at least once. I like coming out with the kids and seeing their commitment to fitness, but what I really like is the ability to connect with them, talk about who my favorite superhero is, that I’ve been mayor longer than they’ve been alive.

They always want to know where my chauffeur is, and if I live in a mansion, and I told ’em my car was older than they are. And we enjoyed the “Mayor’s Walking Challenge” so much.

This is a unique program that not only exhibits the importance of activity, being active, being committed to walking or running every day, but it’s also an investment in the community. You find out more about our kids, and more about our community through our kids.