The Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health is extremely proud of the work we have done and are doing to build a healthier Idaho. Most, if not all our work, has resulted from listening to partners, elected officials, leaders, organizations, and communities to find out what pressing health issues need to be addressed in our state.

Listening and understanding are two of our key values. We always start with listening and understanding the issues that our communities face before developing our philanthropic strategy. We understand the needs and challenges in our state because we listen to partners, community leaders, and key stakeholders.

Listening and understanding are at the core of everything we do.

Our 2023 Impact Report, The Power of Listening, shows how we’ve positively impacted our state because we listened to understand, then took action.

Some examples:

  • We heard from Idaho mayors that housing and need for civility were two issues their communities were facing. We added sessions on these important topics to our Community Health Academy.
  • Several school districts told us they were interested in launching or expanding their early education programs. We began funding these valuable programs.
  • We keep hearing about the shortage of healthcare workers, especially in rural areas. We convened a large group of stakeholders to begin tackling this complex and important issue.

This past year, the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health gave back more than $4.7 million to Idaho communities, schools, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. This work is never done alone. We value — and listen — our community and philanthropic partners who work to make Idaho a better place for all of us.

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